In the heart of the eidolic Hoia Baciu forest, where everything comes to life, the phenomena are happening - the eternal essence of living becomes the music that gives a soul to the universe, bringing spirits and people together. The mysterious experience with its rhythm and harmony diffuses the feeling of collective thinking and the returning to the nature into the inmost conscience, healing and purifying the mind and the heart.


Woodtech Festival, the music phenomena of the forest’s heart; it's about connecting people’s souls with nature, through different kinds of music genres as a therapy. A brand new story will unfold in Hoia Baciu forest from Cluj, starting on 17th and ending in 19th of August.


Equilibrium Stage will bring you to a state of reverie, guided by warm minimal and acid techno rhythms. Frequency Stage, on the other side, is going to blow your mind and soul through the bass of DnB, Jungle, a bit of HipHop and some Neuro sounds. Nevertheless, Vortex will give you the harmonious psyexperience of Progressive psytrance, GOA, Full-on and Hi-Tech.


We are sure about one thing - everyone deserves a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to embrace mother nature as it is, to be surrounded by trees, feeling the grass under your feet and breathing fresh air first thing in the morning. Release the harmful energies from your everyday routine!


Beside the music therapy, you'll find numerous activities that will lead to your relaxation and memories of a great time. Activities as yoga, painting on bags, learning to maintain the equilibrium on a slackline, water-balloon fights and lots of other diverse-themed workshops will be at your disposal.


We encourage you to leave your worries behind and take part in the story of the forest’s heart, connect with people, spirits and nature, dance, laugh and have fun. Respect the environment and see it as your home, where you are always welcomed and loved.